NORMA Group develops digital water timer

Maintal, Germany/Woodland Hills, USA, May 5, 2022 – NORMA Group has developed a new digital water timer. The Raindrip brand digital water timer helps automatic irrigation systems save water when used instead of manual watering. Especially in combination with a drip irrigation system, it can save up to 70 percent of water consumption compared to conventional irrigation systems.

“Water is the most valuable resource we have on our planet”, says NORMA Group CEO Dr. Michael Schneider. "As a result, demand for efficient irrigation systems is constantly increasing around the world. With this digital water timer, we are responding to increased customer demand for automatic irrigation systems as well as digital solutions while at the same time fulfilling local water guidelines.”

Customers benefit from easy installation and operation. The digital water timer is installed directly between the faucet and irrigation hose and is compatible with all drip irrigation systems and garden hose watering devices commonly used in the United States. Users can customize the watering days as well as the starting time and duration of watering. The valve is opened at the specified start time and watering begins. The rain delay function also facilitates the economical use of water, a valuable resource. When it begins to rain, irrigation can be suspended for up to seven days. The backlit LCD display makes it easy to read during the day and at night.

The digital water timer was developed by NORMA Group subsidiary NDS at its Lindsay, California facility and draws on the analog irrigation timer already available in the market. The product is initially available exclusively at a major American home improvement retailer.

Dr. Michael Schneider: “Water management is one of our strategic growth areas. We are therefore constantly working on new, innovative and sustainable product solutions to expand our market range. We are very pleased that our digital water timer is already attracting a lot of interest from our end customers.”
The digital water timer allows users to irrigate according to demand and to conserve resources.
The digital water timer allows users to irrigate according to demand and to conserve resources.



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