Outstanding sustainability management: NORMA Group reduces number of work-related accidents

  • Accident rate lowered significantly to 4.2 accidents per 1,000 employees
  • Occupational safety management ensures favorable rating in independent sustainability ranking, among other positive effects
  • NORMA Group ranks among the top five percent of machinery companies
Maintal, Germany, March 21, 2024
– NORMA Group is well aware that the safety of its employees throughout the world is a fundamental pillar of its business activities. The company was recognized as “Top Industry Rated” by the independent rating agency Sustainalytics for its occupational safety management, among other things. Sustainalytics also evaluates approximately 120 other indicators from the areas of environmental, social and governance. Overall, NORMA Group ranks among the top five percent of machinery companies.

Annette Stieve, Chief Financial Officer of NORMA Group and member of the Management Board responsible for Corporate Responsibility: “We are delighted with our strong showing in the Sustainalytics rating. It underscores the effectiveness of the diverse range of measures we are implementing in the areas of employees, environment, society, product solutions and responsible conduct. We are extremely proud of our strong performance in the industry comparison and are motivated to make further improvements.”

Sustainalytics’ sustainability rating measures a company’s exposure to industry-specific environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks as well as its ability to manage these risks. With an ESG risk rating of 16.7, NORMA Group's ESG risk is considered “low”. This puts the company in the top five percent (“Industry Top Rated”) of the machinery sector.

“The introduction and consistent implementation of occupational safety measures is not merely a means to an end”, emphasizes Dr. Daniel Heymann, Chief Operating Officer of NORMA Group. “Providing our employees with a safe working environment is an integral component of our corporate responsibility. Every work-related accident is one too many.”

NORMA Group records the number of accidents at work and correlates them with the number of employees. In 2022, the accident rate was 4.2 accidents per 1,000 employees, well below the previous year's rate of 6.2. The company adopts a centralized approach to occupational safety with a uniform set of standards. Early indicators for accident risks are also regularly reviewed and special measures are developed for those production sites that have not yet achieved the accident rate targets. These include occupational safety and hazard analyses, regular training and continuous reporting on the current status of underperforming indicators.


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