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Purchasing at NORMA Group is grounded in quality, framed by the absolute demands we firstly set on ourselves. We deliver function-critical products, solutions and components, which means there can be no compromise. We simply do not allow it. Consequently, we insist on a guarantee of reliability from all our suppliers that they meet our demands for reliability. And we stubbornly set rules and procedures on the supply of goods and services that they must strictly adhered to. Moreover, all goods are painstakingly checked by a multi-disciplinary team before purchase.


Believe us, we’re just as tough on ourselves as we are on our suppliers. A disciplined, well-structured purchasing network that cascades from global to the local is in place. This network is built on secure relationships, purchasing agreements and sound management. Purchasing is controlled centrally for all domestic and foreign companies, while regional or local teams contribute their specific knowledge of local market conditions and typical regional cost drivers. This ensures we control the best possible outcomes for every deal.


Smart purchasing processes and tools ensure efficiency and we reap the benefits of economies of scale with regard to commodity costs. Purchasing at NORMA Group runs like well-oiled machine, with the right people and processes in place to achieve optimized efficiency. Ultimately, it is our customers who harvest the fruits of our efficiency: because we deliver maximum value in every product and service and at every customer touch point.

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Supplier Requirements

NORMA Group is a global market and technology leader in Engineered Joining Technology solutions with more than 60 years of manufacturing and product-development experience. Constantly optimizing the selection of suppliers is yet another key task of purchasing. This is done not solely on the basis of traditional criteria such as quality, price and delivery times, but also takes important aspects of risk management and sustainable development into consideration.

With this in mind, NORMA Group adjusted the Supplier Scoring and Sourcing process as well as published the Supplier Code of Conduct in 2014. These guidelines formulate NORMA Group’s expectations with respect to the sustainable economic activity of its suppliers and serve as a basis for additional sustainability criteria such as compliance with human and employee rights, workplace safety and ecological and ethical aspects when selecting suppliers.

NORMA Group’s goal is to ensure that it acts responsibly throughout the entire value creation chain.

We expect the following from our suppliers:

eSourcing Platform

NORMA Group decided to use a web-based eSourcing platform to improve the communication between suppliers and the worldwide NORMA Group entities.
The platform is able to directly connect all suppliers to the NORMA Group systems.

Please get in touch with NORMA Group Purchasing Team in order to initiate your registration process. Your responsible buyer will invite you to the registration process. Afterwards please log in and register in the platform to be able to gain the benefits. After successful registration the responsible buyer will contact you.

For guidance in the registration process, please refer to our support manual.


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