The perfect method of connecting pipes


Customized to the most specific requirements


Fast connections for maximum control


A reliable system thanks to optimized components


Versatile products for a whole host of applications


A good grip on handling media


Covering the widest range of applications and media


For a helping hand in industrial, commercial and private applications

Your strength lies in the security of our connections

For every second of every day, components and materials in systems and mechanisms need to be securely joined These connections enable the manufacture of machines, vehicles, engines, household appliances, within water management, pharmaceutical, biotechnological and domestic appliances. Essential to the industrial ecosystem, a connection has to be so secure to last a lifetime and developed to ensure ultimate efficiency. That’s what NORMA Group does. We develop the most innovative clamps, connectors and fluid systems, based on advanced cutting-edge engineered joining technology. For industries and societies around the world.

We provide intelligent, customized engineered solutions for every joining need in the world. From intricate to complex, from cooling systems to water management to air intake, induction, and more. We scale the globe, as much as we span the world of highly specialized, advanced joining solutions found in all the leading products and equipment. Yet, where our imagination is concerned, we’re only just getting started. Because we know that the strength of a product, lies in the security of our connections.

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We at NORMA Group are driven to add value to OEMs by identifying, developing, and providing the best applications for their businesses. Our leadership in developing the most innovative and secure clamps, connectors and fluid systems stretches over all areas of manufacturing, including aviation, automotive, water management, pharma and biotech, marine and construction.

We have three hundred and fifty of the most highly qualified development and process engineers working to create solutions based on Engineered Joining Technology. Our engineers have a solid reputation for being the most knowledgeable, efficient and professional in the industry. We work to identify technological trends at an early stage and utilize our research centers and labs to develop products and solutions that address specific challenges and requirements.

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Your security lies in our industry-leading brands

NORMA Group is as strong as each and every one of our brands. Our brands are leaders in their fields of excellence, renowned around the world for their extraordinary standards of quality, efficiency and reliability. As powerhouses of research and development, these brands embody true innovation, out of which powerful new products and solutions emerge. Our brands span the globe, working to provide every secure connection for components and materials in systems and mechanisms. Making industries, in their turn, real leaders in their markets and areas of business.

Off-road equipment

NORMA Group has the competence and resources to explore and discover the optimal solution to a customer’s requirement. We will not rest until we find the solution that will provide you with the ultimate advantage, whether it is an individual component or a complex, multi-material system.

In construction equipment, road repair, engines and other off-road applications, connector parts can be exposed to tough operating conditions. Consequently, they require strength and resistance, even as they must deliver on safety and reliability. NORMA Group’s leak-free products are renowned for uncompromising security and performance, resulting in less downtime and heightened efficiency.

Smooth, well-established supply processes

NORMA Group draws great strength from our extensive, highly specialized global distribution network. It means that businesses can be assured of in-depth understanding of their needs, ready availability of products and rapid delivery, from a performance-driven group devoted to serving the construction industry. When you partner with NORMA Group, you will always have the assurance of knowing that you will deliver higher quality products to your customers, thereby gaining that essential competitive edge in an increasingly demanding environment.

We are always at our best to deliver products and services of internationally recognized and certified quality. We have optimized production processes, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and system-accompanying services. Our streamlined organizational structure enhances every stage of production, from development to delivery. Our resources, competence and global strength, together with our extensive product knowledge and market experience, ensures that our customers' requirements are processed in the shortest possible time. And are ready to meet tomorrow’s demands, today.


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