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We offer the promise of high performing, great looking drainage systems, where top quality meets award-winning design.

Perfect drainage anywhere around the house

We move, manage and control water with our outstanding drainage products. Functional, flexible and smart solutions are guaranteed everywhere from patios and swimming pools to spas and residential driveways. Choose high-performing, great-looking drainage systems, where top quality meets award-winning design. Choose NORMA Group.

Performance Robust materials. Chemically resistant, rustproof and maintenance-free.

Versatility Multiple product options to enhance any space.

Smart Installation Solutions that increase efficiency and decrease installation costs.

About us

Two strong NORMA Group brands for your business success.

Excellent product performance, diverse applications and easy installation – as one of the world’s most innovative suppliers of joining technology, NORMA Group has over 60 years of experience in delivering optimal solutions for your needs. Landscaping, agriculture or construction – NORMA Water Management now offers all our business partners exceptionally efficient irrigation and drainage solutions.

With 45 years of experience delivering the highest quality products and support, NDS is a leading US provider of water management solutions, particularly for irrigation and drainage. NDS Professional Irrigation and Professional Drainage have been preferred brands in the professional sector for many decades. As a member of NORMA Group, NDS products are now also available in Europe.

Recognized for its clamping and joining technology, NORMA meets the rigorous requirements of the automotive, construction and marine industries, where it serves a variety of purposes like joining supply and discharge applications. Uncompromising quality and reliability have made NORMA the preferred brand for agricultural applications, structural and civil engineering, and sanitary solutions.

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