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Get in touch with NORMA Group Compliance

Get in touch with NORMA Group Compliance

Compliance is not a word used to make us at NORMA Group look and sound good. It’s a commitment grounded in a framework and sound action plan for policies that are acknowledged by all employees. At the core is the Compliance Management System, set in place to establish transparent and legally viable directives for NORMA Group. The System embraces our Code of Conduct, with its relevant guidelines, together with a range of training courses based on our corporate values and standards.

Our Compliance Organization is equipped with firm preventive procedures against violations. Members of the Organization are at hand to advise employees and in fact, all our business partners and associates. They are also there to handle reports of possible violations of our Code of Conduct. NORMA Group has set up a whistleblowing system that offers employees and external parties another way to submit compliance reports confidentially and, if necessary, anonymously.

Compliance Management System (CMS)

Our CMS incorporates all directives, structures and processes that facilitate NORMA Group acting in accordance with legal standards as well as our corporate values and regulations. The system strategically includes preventive procedures like policies, training and counseling that proactively safeguard against violations of laws and internal regulations.

Compliance Organization

The executive board of NORMA Group has overall responsibility for the CMS. The Chief Compliance Officer manages the Group-wide compliance activities and can report directly to the Executive Board if necessary. Regional Compliance Delegates and Local Compliance Delegates support the implementation of measures in their respective regions and companies.The supervisory board of NORMA Group SE, which is regularly updated on compliance-related issues, monitors the effectiveness of the Compliance Organization.

Compliance Policies

Our Compliance program and relevant key actions and directives are developed to safeguard NORMA Group and its members from Compliance risks. Consequently, the Compliance Policies constitute essential preventive procedures for NORMA Group.


An important aspect of NORMA Group’s overall preventive procedures is the Compliance training that we conduct regularly. With our Compliance trainings and communication materials, employees are trained according to their job and responsibility profile.

Whistleblower System

NORMA Group encourages all employees, across hierarchical positions, to report violations of laws, regulations and internal policies. In addition to contacting supervisors and using the various contact options, an Internet-based whistleblower system is also available. The whistleblower system allows internal and external whistleblowers to maintain their anonymity while reporting cases of concern to NORMA Group’s global compliance organization.

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Compliance Management Contacts

Jan Loeffler
Jan Loeffler

Vice President Integrity

Dr. Gisa Ortwein
Dr. Gisa Ortwein

Director Integrity

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