We reduce the environmental impact along the value chain. In our own production, we ensure compliance with environmental standards and make ambitious contributions in the areas of climate, water and waste management. With our joining technology, we support customers to meet future environmental standards and improve their environmental performance.


Innovations for sustainable business solutions

How can our products help reduce emissions and save resources? We ask ourselves these questions at the very beginning of the innovation process. We involve all employees in the search for answers – and thus continuously develop innovative solutions for our customers.

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Environmental management systems

The basis for effective management of individual environmental issues is provided by appropriate management systems at NORMA Group’s sites. With only a few exceptions, NORMA Group production sites are certified according to the ISO 14001 standard. Regular internal and external audits of the sites are also carried out in this context. The NORMA Group Environmental Policy is yet another important component. Up to date information on the status of certification can be found in the Corporate Responsibility Report.

NORMA Group's Environmental PolicyNORMA Group's CR Report


Climate protection

We look back on the warmest decade since weather records began. Climate change is progressing more and more. With our products, we seek to make a contribution to climate protection by helping our customers reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of their applications. For our own production processes, we have set ourselves the goal of reducing emissions by 16% between 2017 and 2025. This target is based on calculations by the Science-based targets initiative.

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The responsible use of water is rapidly gaining in importance – because of increasing water scarcity, on the one hand, and because climate change is increasing the occurrence of seasonal extreme weather events such as heavy rainfall, on the other hand. In both areas, our water management products make an active contribution for our customers. We are making progress in our production by reducing water consumption at our production sites.

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Efficient production and waste management

As a manufacturing company, NORMA Group depends on various raw materials and precursors as important components of its products. Our goal is to produce as little waste and scrap as possible. We collect the various types of waste and set targets for their reduction. A large part of NORMA Group’s waste – especially in the metal, plastic, wood and paper sectors – is recycled internally or externally.

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