Water is precious. We’re ready to optimize its management.

NORMA Group leads with world-class engineered joining technology, which is why the world readily acknowledges our next-generation water management solutions. The same dedication to innovation and performance in joining technology opens endless possibilities within irrigation, construction, landscaping, drainage and connectors. In a world of ever-growing challenges, our premium brands deliver best-in-class products and solutions painstakingly developed for innovative water management.


The cumulative knowledge and expertise behind our brands ensure technologically-advanced solutions that promote sustainability and deliver outstanding price-to-performance standards. They also enable us to offer a comprehensive, ever-expanding portfolio of products that provide the flexibility of mixing and matching for a diverse range of applications. At the same time, this means we are also able to provide the most precise solution for a specific challenge.

We never lose sight of just how precious water is as a resource. It is the reality behind why every single product is optimized to deliver results: regardless of varied geographical areas, challenging terrains and uncompromising environments. No matter what or where, we’re right there, and ready to perform.

The symbol of quality to the global water management industry, FISH is the award-winning brand delivering a one-stop solution for pipe fittings, connections and sanitary ware. Over the last two decades FISH has consistently won awards for product design, and the hallmarks of the brand are ease of installation and superior quality. Driven by the core values of quality, commitment and expertise, FISH ensures that its extensive product range always meets the increasingly tough demands of residential projects and households the world over.

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The brand of choice for water management solutions, particularly for irrigation and drainage. NDS is built on a solid reputation for delivering uncompromising performance, durability and ease of installation. Customers rely on NDS for the brand’s flexible product designs and customized solutions that suit the challenges of both residential and heavy-duty industrial sites. The brand offers a broad range of high-quality innovative solutions backed by expert advice to ensure the highest standards of excellence, time and time again.

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NORMA is synonymous with expertise and innovation, combining the right balance of technology and customer specificity. The brand is a global market and technology leader with a solid reputation for delivering premium water management solutions. These include a wide range of high-quality engineered joining solutions within irrigation: drip irrigation, landscape, valve and meter boxes, clamping, connecting and fixing solutions. NORMA has also, for over sixty years, been working closely with global key plumbing customers to develop robust, high performance products that range from hose clamps and pipe connections to retaining and plastic products.

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Leaders choose the company of other leaders

NORMA Group has a proven track record as a leader within water management. Our driving force is to meet your critical business goals, and to this end, we do not rest until we deliver the most innovative and reliable solutions.

Tried and tested quality

Each and every product we deliver is first measured against our most stringent quality standards. We have honed our quality standards over years of working in close collaboration with our customers in the most challenging and diverse situations. Today we know that our products stand the test of both time and the elements, to deliver superior results.

At your door when you need us

It pays to work with an experienced global leader that has a well-established network of local distribution centers. It means that we are always close, to provide you with prompt, efficient service as soon as you need it.

Marlin – The fastest fish in the world and NORMA Group’s latest compression fitting

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