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NORMA Group have a strong presence in the Americas, with a sound reputation for providing Engineering Joining Technology solutions and products for the specific requirements of OEMs.

We develop innovative, value-adding solutions for a wide range of application areas and industries. Our focus is always single-minded: to ensure our customers lead with tomorrow’s technology in today’ products.

The same dedication to innovation and performance in joining technology opens endless possibilities for you within water management. In a world of ever-growing challenges, our premium brands deliver best-in-class products and solutions painstakingly developed for innovative water management, in areas that range from irrigation and construction, to landscaping, drainage and connectors.

Our wide range of high-quality products are available to you through a solid distribution network that spans the Americas. The strength of our distribution services comes from our internationally well-known brands, extensive geographic presence and superior-quality manufacturing and sales capacities. Get to know us better, you’ll realize that the strength of your success, is in the security of our connections.


Our brands

Your strength lies in the security of our connections

Welcome to NORMA Americas EJT, where everything we do is about the security of your connections. It is also where our partnership with you is grounded: in the most innovative and secure connectors, fluid systems and clamp solutions.

NORMA Group has been harnessing the power of Engineered Joining Technology around the world for over 123 years. Fact is, we excel in it. To this we add the unending imagination of our people, the inclusion of different talents and minds and our delight in achieving the extraordinary. The result is the most relevant and result-driven solutions that stretch over a vast range of industries: automotive, aviation, water management, pharma and biotech, marine and construction.

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Commercial vehicles

At NORMA Group, we’re continuously working to keep your business moving forward. We understand the challenges: increasingly stringent regulations, emerging new markets, shifting technologies. Hence, we focus on designing, manufacturing and delivering solutions that keep you in line with tomorrow’s needs, already today. We look at engine designs from another perspective – downsizing. In other words, we pursue maximizing engine weight loss to ultimately reduce the permeation rates. Our mindset is to work in close collaboration with you, to develop commercial trucks that will help you meet the everyday demands of your industry. Like leakages. We know they are detrimental to manufacturers, drivers and of course the environment. Our innovative products with the quality safe seal connection, enables the dramatic reduction of breakdowns and leakages. And there’s more, so very many more innovative breakthroughs that deliver on performance, reliability, security and efficiency. Let’s go further together.

Passenger vehicle

NORMA Group is a powerhouse of innovative Engineered Joining Technologies and applications. We have devoted years of research, innovation and testing to acquire our legendary superior knowledge for advancing the automotive and light truck industries. As an OE supplier to the automotive industry, we know what matters – be it charge air intakes, cooling systems, fuel and oil systems, exhaust systems, turbo charger connections or universal fixings. We know that the most important factor is superior quality. In each and every detail, in every product and system. Our ambitions are driven by a keen focus on sustainability, safety, cost-efficiency and performance. We make cleaner, more efficient use of precious energy sources in areas such as Cooling System, Air Intake & Induction, Emission Control, Ancillary System and Infrastructure. Let’s go further together.


As the drumbeat for innovation grows louder in the manufacturing industry NORMA Group is more than ready to deliver. We manufacture a very comprehensive range of innovative joining technology products in the clamp, connect and water management categories and occupy a leading position as a solution provider. We have built a solid network of production facilities, sales and distribution sites that span the Americas and the globe. Our brands have acquired a solid reputation for performance and cost efficiency, and our products are synonymous with quality and safety. We have today earned our reputation not only as a component manufacturer but also as a system consultant and supplier with a global footprint. Our strength lies in listening to the customer’s complete requirements and developing innovative solutions which consistently fulfill these requirements. NORMA Group’s dedication to quality and our technological leadership has won us the confidence of over 10,000 customers in more than 100 countries in the industrial sector. Let’s go further together.

DIY Retailers

Successful retailing comes down to customer experience and building a reputation for quality and reliability. NORMA Group is a preferred partner to retailers because we understand the dynamics of providing innovative, top-of-the-line products and solutions. This comes down to ensuring the same standard of uncompromising quality is upheld to every detail of every product. We also offer an excellent portfolio of extending over 27,000 joining technology products in the clamp, connect and water management categories for almost every connection need. Products and solutions that you can rely on to deliver results, and that keep customers coming back for more. NORMA Group has also built a network of distribution centers, ensuring that all our products reach every region and location in the shortest possible time. Each year, over 1.8 million shipments are made by NORMA Group to various countries around the globe. Clearly, we possess the capacity, the experience and the ability to handle shipments rapidly, conveniently and securely. You can also rest assured that, when it comes to high volume components, we ship within 48 hours and customize distribution to your needs. Let’s go further together.


NORMA Group, with our engineering resources and advancements is set to deliver efficient, value added solutions for infrastructures in the Americas. We develop cutting-edge solutions for building and bridge drainage, private ground drainage as well as laboratory and industry sewage. We also provide relevant solutions for joining feed and recovery lines for gases, fluids and solids in plants, ships, filters and devices. In civil engineering, mining, water supply and distribution. We have also established cutting-edge laboratories that are fully equipped to test the life cycle and regulations for water management, sanitary, naval industry and fresh water. When you need us, we’ll be there, with our reliable, technologically-advanced solutions and products of the highest quality. Our joining solutions and products are mission critical for energy and cost saving performance. Partner with us and you can rest assured of infrastructure that has been developed, tested and proven to be robust, dependable and secure. Let’s go further together.

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