Commercial and Passenger Vehicles

The automotive industry is keen on racing ahead with innovations that address sustainability and safety. We at NORMA Group possess the strategic intelligence to help you stay on track, with our far-reaching solutions and systems. Essentially, whether it is to do with emissions, engine weight, permeation rates or leakages, our goal is single-minded: to keep things at an absolute minimum. Even at the point of elimination, purely for the good of industries, passengers and the planet.

It pays to be well prepared in order to offer customers the most intelligent, innovative mobility and solutions. We will help you win the race with solutions engineered to pre-empt disruption. Opportunities will emerge and we will be right there beside you to help you adapt and capitalize on them swiftly and efficiently.

Cooling systems – Less weight for a lighter future

Our mission is to downsize. When it comes to designing an engine, we are constantly striving to maximize engine weight loss to ultimately reduce the permeation rate. We are proud to say that with our newly designed cooling systems, we help our customers reach weight loss targets. We believe that thinking smaller can make a big difference.

Fuel Transport Systems - Leak-free solutions for higher efficiency

We strive to eliminate and minimize the number of potential leak paths. When we produce a high quality solution with a safe seal connection, we help reduce breakdowns and leakages. By providing technological and innovative strengths, there is a NORMA Group answer for a wide range of fuel transport requirements.

UREA Transport Systems

NORMA Group’s innovative solutions for UREA transport systems are based on our extensive experience in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. We can provide customers options that meet emission requirements for today and tomorrow’s demanding environmental regulations. We work closely with each of our customers and their unique vehicle situations to develop a customized, robust system that offers them optimal performance.

V-Band Clamps - Eliminating leakages

For many years, commercial, construction/agriculture and passenger vehicle manufacturers needing high-quality and heavy-duty clamping solutions for their challenging applications have relied on V-Band and V-Profile Clamps engineered and manufactured by NORMA Group.

Let's pre-empt disruption

NORMA Group has an extensive range of products ranging from hose clamps, pipe connections and profile clamps, to retaining products, quick connectors, plastics and fluid systems. All in all, our portfolio extends to over 35,000 products, each one designed and developed to meet a particular need, evolution or megatrend.

Still, we do not stop there: our innovative minds, engineering expertise, profound experience bank and outstanding range of services are all at hand to ensure you successfully ride the waves of change and challenge.

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