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NORMA Group: Your One-Stop-Shop for Fluid Systems and Fasteners for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

Hydrogen demands precision. At NORMA Group, our solutions reside at the core of every critical module in a hydrogen system, where safety is non-negotiable. With applications spanning the electric motor, fuel cell, vessel, and air management system, our products seamlessly connect or secure each component. From thermal management systems, hydrogen transport systems, and air pipings to stack straps and a variety of clamps and fixing elements—explore our engineering solutions for a safer, more efficient hydrogen future.


Hydrogen Fluid Systems

Perfectly suited for high demanding hydrogen EC79 specifications, our hydrogen lines and quick connectors help you to ensure leak-tightness of your system and peace of mind:

NORMAFLEX Multilayer Tubes

  • Hydrogen lines with low permeation rate thanks to hydrogen barrier layer
  • Ideally suited for supply, recirculation and return lines
  • Excellent behavior in terms of crash and kinking
  • Lightweight

NORMA Quick Connectors
  • Our state-of-the-art Quick Connectors ensure maximum safety for any hydrogen transports system
  • Quick connectors with low ion washout features for cooling water systems available (VDA standard, quick connector type PS3)


Fixations and Fasteners in Hydrogen Systems

NORMA V-Clamp for Electric Air Compressors

  • Optimized circumferential load distribution
  • Customized and pre-formed V-Band and Profile Clamps,
    ensuring a perfect fit
  • Weight and cost savings vs. bolted flange design
  • Aluminium version available for maximized weight saving

NORMA Fuel Cell Stack Strap
  • Design optimized under system and lifetime conditions
  • Band width between 15 and 45mm to suit various requirements

NORMA High Pressure Hydrogen Vessel Strap
  • Extremely robust and durable
  • 8G sliding resistance
  • 2% radial expansion
  • Corrosion resistance

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