Supply Chain

Intelligently fine-tuned to make a world of difference

In these extraordinary times of business without boundaries, NORMA Group prides ourselves in leading where others can only follow. A next-generation supply chain built on a dynamic platform that stands out in quality, technology and logistics is key to our competitive advantage.


A broad network of distribution centers

All around the world and close to your business


Smooth, well-established supply processes

We have sound strategies for delivering maximum value


Making sure you have the competitive advantage

Tomorrow’s innovations in today’s products


Open and sound trade policies

Making sure there’s clarity and predictability


We have a thriving ecosystem supporting our global-scale productions, stretching from R&D centers and labs to distribution and competence centers. The efficient functioning of this colossal machinery, and the most optimized response to customer needs, demands an intelligent centralized Supply Chain Management (SCM).

Our innovative processes and tools provide the insights and capabilities to create an integrated value chain that enables us to respond to in the best possible manner to every unique customer need. Optimized and secure custom processes are in place to facilitate cross-border deliveries to customers. We also take every necessary step to ensure we have a fully compliant supply chain. NORMA Group also drives the implementation of regularly updated security initiatives, standards and measures so that they are an integral part of our SCM. In addition, we regularly review the interplay between various parties like suppliers, authorities and distributors to ensure the secure flow of materials and products.

NORMA Group consistently seeks to gain membership in security programs
such as “Authorised Economic Operator” (AEO) in the European Union
or “Customs and Trade Partnership against terrorism” (C-TPAT).
By doing so, we ensure the border crossing physical flow
of goods without delays due to customs
inspections of the shipments.

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