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NORMA Group have a strong presence in EMEA, with a sound reputation for providing Engineering Joining Technology solutions and products for the specific requirements of OEMs.

We develop innovative, value-adding solutions for a wide range of application areas and industries. Our focus is always single-minded: to ensure our customers lead with tomorrow’s technology in today’ products.

The same dedication to innovation and performance in joining technology opens endless possibilities for you within water management. In a world of ever-growing challenges, our premium brands deliver best-in-class products and solutions painstakingly developed for innovative water management, in areas that range from irrigation and construction, to landscaping, drainage and connectors.

Our wide range of high-quality products are available to you through a solid distribution network that spans the EMEA region. The strength of our distribution services comes from our internationally well-known brands, extensive geographic presence and superior-quality manufacturing and sales capacities. Get to know us better, you’ll realize that the strength of your success, is in the security of our connections.


High-performance Automotive Aftermarket

Professionals understand that nothing can beat an original vehicle component or part, whether in terms of precision fit or reliability in use. This comes down to ensuring the same standard of uncompromising quality is upheld. We at NORMA Group are dedicated to upholding superior quality down to every detail of every product.

Each year, over 1.8 million shipments are made by NORMA Group to various countries around the globe. Clearly, we possess the capacity, the experience and the ability to handle shipments rapidly, conveniently and securely. You can also rest assured that, when it comes to high volume components, we ship within 48 hours and customize distribution to your needs.

NORMA Group has the resources to support distributors in providing garages with the best possible, high-performing spare parts. As an OE supplier to the automotive industry, we know what it takes to get and maintain that vital competitive edge: be it charge air intakes, cooling systems, fuel and oil systems, exhaust systems, turbo charger connections or universal fixings.Furthermore, NORMA Group has been recognized as “Premier Data Supplier” by TecAlliance (TecDoc), a leading global provider of vehicle and spare parts catalogue data. This is the highest status in terms of data suppliers. High quality data makes products easy to find and saves valuable time.

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Our brands

Just as each person is unique, so are the brands of NORMA Group and the products and solutions they offer. And still we are one, with the same extraordinary standards of quality, efficiency and reliability. Every brand is built on the premise that quality saves lives. And each brand is a dynamic hub of knowledge and competence, with unique insights into markets and customer challenges.

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Revolutionary UREA Transport Systems

Increasingly stringent EU emission regulations challenge European combustion engine manufacturers as they straddle between staying competitive and meeting requirements. SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology proves to be the most efficient and reliable solution. SCR works to convert nitric oxides and harmless atmospheric nitrogen into water by injecting an aquarious urea solution into the exhaust gases. This urea solution also needs urea-tight couplers, profile clamps and quick connectors to work effectively and securely.

This is where leading engine manufacturers turn to NORMA Group and our pioneering achievements based on SCR Technology for UREA Transport Systems (UTS). UREA is a complete SCR system for any vehicle. Our extensive experience in this area makes NORMA Group committed to actively enabling cleaner and greener emissions.

NORMA Group’s UTS are made of weight-saving plastic and integrated heating wires. Our revolutionary fluid transport system unfreezes the urea liquid directly after the engine starts and keeps it fluid while the vehicle is moving. At the same time, we achieve much lower power consumption than external electric heating systems. Innovative NORMA quick connectors enable UTS line systems to be rapidly and securely installed in all vehicles.

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Water Management

The lack of clean water resources poses a dire constraint on human health and productivity and consequently, on economic development and the maintenance of a clean environment and healthy ecosystems. Still, a total of 19% of the world’s water consumption is attributable to the production processes of industry.

NORMA Group willingly embraces our responsibility for the intelligent use and management of water. Our global presence means that NORMA Group is also represented in regions with a medium to high risk of water scarcity. Against this backdrop, we are even more conscious of the way we utilize water for our own production processes. Furthermore, water is a strategic focus area for NORMA Group with a direct connection to our core business. We design, develop and provide a broad range of products and solutions for innovative water management.

More than ever, we are determined to use our production sites as benchmarks for sustainable and resource-efficient use of water. Water consumption at NORMA Group is largely generated by cooling systems within our production processes, which enables the reduction of water consumption as well as production costs. Water consumption also plays an important role in our supply chain and is prominent in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

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Harsh environments such as salt water demand the highest quality connections. Quality is a cornerstone of everything NORMA Group stands for and delivers. The combination of high-quality stainless materials, a perfect manufacturing process and decades of experience in joining and connecting make our products the preferred choice for all marine applications.

Shipbuilding presents complex technological environments, filled with challenges like vibration, corrosion, pressure, flow, fire-security, space and weight constraints. As global leaders in engineering joining technology, we deliver cost-efficient, mission critical solutions for approved applications.

Our connections adhere to the highest standards of safety. Our world-renowned connectors, hose clamps and retainers are precisely constructed for fuel, water, sewer, gas or heat systems in all leisure boats. Your absolute security is our prime objective, which is why we utilize groundbreaking technology to deliver reliability, quality and performance onboard any and every vessel.

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Shipbuilding products


Industries and the communities they serve are growing exponentially, and as they do, they are ever more critically dependent on innovative, robust infrastructure for support. That’s why there’s NORMA Group. We develop cutting-edge solutions for building and bridge drainage, private ground drainage as well as laboratory and industry sewage. We also provide relevant solutions for joining feed and recovery lines for gases, fluids and solids in plants, ships, filters and devices. In civil engineering, mining, water supply and distribution.

Our pipe coupling products known as NORMACONNECT® FGR securely join thick- and thin-walled plastic and metal pipes, especially stainless-steel pipes. They also connect plain-ended supply as well as exhaust pipes for solid, liquid or gaseous media. We also offer you the NORMACONNECT® DCS range, with its solid track record for providing reliable and economic connection of socket-less drainage pipes within buildings, underground car parks, buried in soil and for drainage systems in bridges.

Construction and Infrastructure (

Battery Thermal Management

We have extraordinary technological and innovative strengths that are showcased by the products and solutions developed for both combustion engines and electric vehicles. We work closely with customers, developing bespoke solutions that include prototyping, validating and manufacturing globally. Our ambition is always to downsize and minimalize weight and permeation rates with extraordinary cooling systems. These set the course for our propulsion into electromobility. As we race ahead into the future.

Off-road equipment

NORMA Group has the competence and resources to explore and discover the optimal solution to a customer’s requirement. We will not rest until we find the solution that will provide you with the ultimate advantage, whether it is an individual component or a complex, multi-material system.

In construction equipment, road repair, engines and other off-road applications, connector parts can be exposed to tough operating conditions. Consequently, they require strength and resistance, even as they must deliver on safety and reliability. NORMA Group’s leak-free products are renowned for uncompromising security and performance, resulting in less downtime and heightened efficiency.


The airline industry is dependent on rapid innovation to stay ahead of environmental, safety and financial requirements. The continuous challenge is to be sustainable and lucrative whilst having to burn fuel for propulsion. This is where NORMA Group reaches higher to deliver better. After all, we are the leaders in innovative joining technology with products that are standard equipment on both military and civilian aircrafts.

We chart Innovation Roadmaps in our standard setting R & D centers and labs. Our goal is always to develop stronger, lighter parts and components for joining systems. This means capitalizing on groundbreaking sustainable plastics and innovative downsizing by enhancing product functionality and using fewer components to reduce weight.

These innovations also lead to enhanced safety and durability. At the same time, we focus on reducing costs by rethinking system designs and minimalizing installation and maintenance costs. Clearly, we have sky-high ambitions. Come, fly with us.

Emission Control

Exhaust gas standards are getting increasingly stringent on all continents around the world. Consequently, the reduction of nitrogen oxides in exhaust gases is one of the most significant trends in the global automotive industry. True to form, NORMA Group is designing and developing the most innovative solutions for achieving near zero emissions not only for today, but for the future.

These factors have led to the development of NORMA Group’s high-performance Urea Transport Systems (UTS). These are cutting-edge pipe systems made from weight reduced plastics to transport urea solution and facilitate the reduction of nitrogen dioxide pollutants in exhaust gases. Our UTS run parallel to the cooling water system, utilizing heat generated from the circuit to eliminate the need for electrical heating. It’s no wonder that, up till at least 2025, NORMA Group will produce around 40,000 plastic line systems annually for a commercial vehicle manufacturer in Japan. Yet to us, when it comes to emission control, we’re just getting started.

Cooling System

Electric vehicles are set to deliver zero emission and high tank-to-wheels efficiency as they race into the future. Advancements have been made in electric vehicle batteries that enable more power and require less frequent charges. However, one of the biggest challenges that remains for battery safety is the ability to design an effective cooling system.

NORMA Group’s complete cooling systems ensure thermal management of the electric motor, power electronics, charging technology and the driver’s cabinet. These factors are essential to energy management, heightening safety and increasing the range of the vehicles. We work to minimize size and weight with our holistic design and development of engines. Here, we have actually achieved weight reductions of over 30% in cars equipped with our cooling systems.

Multilayer thermoplastic tubes and plastic connectors are used in the thermal management tube systems developed by NORMA Group for electric vehicles. These tube systems guarantee the ideal operating temperature of the electric motor, the electronic control unit (ECU) and the driver’s cabin. In this way, energy is saved, the load on the battery is reduced and the range of the electric vehicles dramatically increased.

Air Intake & Induction

Managing the supply of the intake charge up to the start of combustion is a critical aspect of modern engines and can impact emissions, performance and fuel economy. Every element needs to be precise and securely integrated to ensure maximum performance and maintain critical balance between air and fuel when it enters a combustion chamber.

NORMA Group dedicates highly skilled engineers towards developing the most secure connectors for the most intricate of requirements. Our focus is always single-minded: to eliminate the number of potential leak paths in any and every system.

That’s why our safe seal connections are engineered with ground-breaking technology to help provide a clean source of air to the engine for optimum performance. This boosts the performance of engines with regard to gas mileage, increased power, easy start and reduced emissions. It also minimizes breakdowns and leakages. Talk to us, you’ll soon realize that there is an innovative, efficient NORMA Group solution for all air intake and induction demands.


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