eM Twist Quick Connector.
Designed with a twist.


Quick connector with a twist.

Hybrid and electric drives are redefining cars. This calls for a new kind of quick connector. Lighter and smaller, with no compromise on safety.

eM Twist Quick Connector is a great asset. Not least for car builders. Developed for VDA type spigots, the low assembly force makes it easier to work with. Offering better ergonomics and increased security.

And yes, it’s just as easy as it sounds. Just push it, and it twists and locks. It’s that easy.


Designed for eMobility.

eM Twist Quick Connector is designed with the new generations of hybrid.

  • Suitable for VDA type Spigots

  • Less weight: More than 25% lighter (1)

  • Low assembly force: 30% less(1)

  • Compact design, less space needed (1)

  • eMobility optimized performance

  • Self-locking quick connector

  • Twist to remove, no tool needed

  • Reduced CO2 footprint: 1/3 less (2)

(1) Compared to other equivalent quick connectors for VDA type spigots
(2) In production and supply chain, compared to similar connectors in conventional cooling systems

See how easy it is...

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