SR Quick Connector Laser Welded

Fueling the hybrid revolution

The automotive industry is ready to embrace hybrid engines. But as with all new and exciting technologies, there are big challenges. Like how to transport fuel in a way that is smart, safe and clean at the same time.

At NORMA, we set out to solve this equation. The result that you see is a true breakthrough innovation: SR QC Laser Welded. The only quick connector on the market that is using laser-welding. Providing your engine with a source of true strength, and fueling the hybrid revolution.


A new kind of connection

Quick connectors for fuel transport in hybrid engines need to be more compact, robust, secure and cost-efficient than ever before. Basically, doing more with less.

Unlike traditional welding and fir tree solutions, the SR QC Laser Welded is able to handle all these conditions at the same time:

  • No leaks. Laser welding means a 100% leak-free interface.
  • Lower costs. No O-Ring on tail saves you 10% of the spending.
  • Less space. A shorter link to the tube.
  • All temperatures. No limit thanks to the force-fit.


Building on experience

Quick connectors are something that we at NORMA have worked with many times. We know it by heart. So, as a company, we are exceptionally prepared to take on the challenges that you face.

With the SR QC Laser Welded, we are taking advantage of our deep knowledge and extensive experience as a market leader in fluid systems and quick connections. It shows.

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