TP Flex.

The flexible choice for eMobility.


When every tube is lighter, your car is too. Developed exclusively for electric and hybrid cars, our latest and most flexible tube makes sure to address one of your biggest concerns.

TP Flex saves you up to 5 kilos per car. The secret, as you know by the name: Thermoplastic tubes.

Using thermoplastic instead of rubber doesn’t just make your car lose weight. It lowers the cost and saves you space, simplifying the design process and leaving room for more in the car.

Our TP Flex is flexible. Bending, folding and stretching with every movement inside the car. A characteristic that also makes the job at the assembly line a lot easier. And when there is a need for movement within the car, it can handle it.

Being at the forefront of eMobility, we know that thermoplastic tubes are the future. A flexible way of keeping the right temperature.


A light and compact tube.

TP Flex comes with several advantages, apart from being flexible. Here are some of them:

  • Weighing less. 75% lower compared to rubber hoses.

  • Compact design. 25% smaller outside diameter compared to a rubber hose.

  • Low pressure drop. 25-55% lower in bends compared to corrugated tubes.

  • Assembly with standard firtree quick connectors.

  • Cost efficient.

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