VPP Bi-Cone

A quality connection.


Designed for tight spaces.

New exhausts often mean very limited spaces. Finding the right V-Clamp is often a tough challenge in today’s automotive world.

VPP Bi-Cone helps you to meet these demands. The V-Clamp aligns perfectly with every exhaust and provides easy assembly. It allows for up to 5° of angular misalignment when connecting biconic flanges.

With VPP Bi-Cone, we are achieving great load distribution and an outstanding sealing performance.

Simply put, making a better clamp.


Meeting the demands of modern cars.

VPP Bi-Cone is designed with new regulations and limitations in mind. Here are some of the top advantages:

  • Biconic stainless steel profile. Allowing for up to 5° of angular misalignment.

  • Improved load distribution. Improved axial load distribution, credit to the cross section design.

  • Better sealing performance. Providing a lower leakage rate than other solutions.

  • Quality stamp. NORMA Group is a market leader with 60 years of experience. Delivering over 1.5 billion clamps to customers worldwide.

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