VPP Compact High Temperature

Handling hot connections.

High temperatures, high demands.

Shaking, bending and heating to extreme temperatures. Vehicles are demanding. You need a reliable connection to take on the forces inside a modern engine.

VPP Compact High Temperature is built to resist what comes in its way. The V-Profile clamp connection is securing the exhaust gas flow. Handling even the highest temperature connections in modern gasoline engines.


The advantages at a glance

VPP Compact High Temperature is a great asset for most modern engines.
Here is why.

  • Handling 900°C clamp surface temperature.
    Developed for high temperature applications.

  • High axial clamping force. Suitable for bigger loads.

  • Easy to assemble. Pre-engaged bolt and nut system.

A complete solution

With VPP Compact High Temperature you are not only getting a strong and high-performing V-Profile clamp connection. You get access to our vast expertise on V-Clamp connections.

We are offering everything from concept, design and prototypes – to simulation, testing, validation and global manufacturing.

Main applications

  • Manifold — turbocharger.

  • Turbocharger — catalyst.

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