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The automotive industry is racing into the future with electromobility, and we at NORMA Group are making sure our next-generation ideas are paving the way. Our expertise springboards from leading-edge engineered joining technology and works to empower all degrees of electrification - from mild hybrid to fully electric battery-powered powertrains.

Electromobility is essential to us, because it encapsulates the automotive industry’s quest for sustainability, safety, cost-efficiency and performance: driving forces that define NORMA Group. That’s why we’re miles ahead in our innovative strength within thermal management systems. Thermal management of electric vehicle batteries is essential to the consistent performance of both battery and vehicle.


Rising above challenges to eMobility Solutions

We keep going further with solutions that capitalize on our groundbreaking engineering expertise. We utilize multilayer thermoplastic tubes and plastic connectors in the thermal management tube systems. In this way, we reduce their weight by 30 percent compared to conventional elastomer pipes. Due to the lower weight, less drive energy is required, relieving the load on the battery cells and thereby extending the range of the electric vehicles.


Extraordinary cooling systems

NORMA Group is unique in our capacity to provide complete solutions involving connectors, fluid systems or clamps for every connection application. Complete systems ensure thermal management of the electric motor, power electronics, charging technology and the driver’s cabinet. These factors are essential to energy management, heightening safety and increasing the range of the vehicles.

We have extraordinary technological and innovative strengths that are showcased by the products and solutions developed for both combustion engines and electric vehicles. We work closely with customers, developing bespoke solutions that include prototyping, validating and manufacturing globally. Our ambition is always to downsize and minimalize weight and permeation rates with extraordinary cooling systems. These set the course for our propulsion into electromobility. As we race ahead into the future…

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