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  1. 16.01.2020 // Maintal

    NORMA Group supports emission control by launching a new suction jet pump // NORMA Group has developed a suction jet pump for use in controlling vehicle emissions. The suction jet pump helps detect leaks in the area of crankcase ventilation at an early stage and reduce climate-damaging emissions. »

  2. 17.12.2019 // Maintal

    NORMA Group to equip Krones’ tunnel pasteurizers with pipe couplings // NORMA Group will equip tunnel pasteurizers from Krones AG (‘Krones’) with FGR pipe couplings of the GRIP E variant. NORMA Group will be supplying the industrial company via its long-standing sales partner Willy Kunzer GmbH. »

  3. 04.12.2019 // Maintal

    NORMA Group to equip more than one million vehicles with shock-resistant quick connectors »

  4. 03.12.2019 // Maintal

    NORMA Group refinances at optimized conditions // NORMA Group has successfully refinanced its credit lines, creating financial security and flexibility for the future. The new credit agreement has an initial volume of EUR 250 million. »

  5. 25.11.2019 // Maintal

    NORMA Group supplies Pro-Span pipe repair coupling for water management to US landscape wholesaler // NORMA Group supplies a leading US wholesale distributor for landscape products with the Pro-Span Expansion Repair Coupling. This product allows landscapers and other professionals as well as private homeowners to quickly and cost-efficiently repair damaged irrigation or other water pipes. »

  6. 13.11.2019 // Maintal

    Dr. Michael Schneider appointed Chief Executive Officer of NORMA Group // The Supervisory Board of NORMA Group SE appointed Dr. Michael Schneider Chairman of the Management Board on a permanent basis today. »

  7. 06.11.2019 // Maintal

    NORMA Group increases its sales by 2.6 percent in first nine months of 2019 // NORMA Group increased its sales by 2.6 percent to EUR 838.6 million in the period from January to September 2019 (Q1-Q3 2018: EUR 817.1 million). Organic sales declined by 1.6 percent in the first nine months of 2019 compared to the same period of the previous year. »

  8. 24.10.2019 // Maintal

    NORMA Group provides efficient water management solution for new “Living Smart” community in California // NORMA Group is supplying a residential, energy- and water-saving development in Southern California with a particularly durable and efficient irrigation system. The drip irrigation system saves up to 60 percent water compared to traditional, water-intensive solutions on the market. »

  9. 17.10.2019 // Maintal

    Employees around the world get involved in social projects on NORMA Help Day // NORMA Group is holding NORMA Help Day at its sites located all over the world. Over the past few months, employees of NORMA Group have spent a day volunteering in various projects in order to strengthen cohesion in the local community. »

  10. 24.09.2019 // Maintal

    NORMA Group receives large order for thermal management line systems for electric vehicles // NORMA Group develops line systems for thermal management of battery units for a leading battery manufacturer. The systems will be installed in the electrically driven passenger cars of a major international automobile manufacturer. »


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