DCS Record claw

The claw which resists high tensile loads

Axial restraint safety claw for use with pressurized pump lines in lifting systems as well as for rainwater sewage lines that are at risk of undergoing back pressures, but only in combination with the NORMA DCS RAPID standard collar. The powerful add on claw for non-pull-out resistant connections.

  • Two parts (halves) with hardened grip ring inserts
  • Strong guiding plates with threaded holes plus four hexagonal socket bolts with fine pitch thread
  • We offer a system, combining the DCS RAPID connector with any of our claws.

  • Axial restraint claw which resists high tensile loads. To be used with DCS RAPID or DCS RAPID MSM.
  • Ideally suited for usage with cast iron drainage pipes according to EN 877


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