FGR Flex

The flexible pipe coupling, non-axial restraint

NORMACONNECT® FLEX /FLEX E are axial non-restraint couplings. They are used for connecting metal pipes, stainless pipes, as well as concrete and plastic pipes. Sealing reliability is ensured even when NORMACONNECT® FLEX /FLEX E pipe couplings are mounted on pipes with or without a gap and also on compensated pipes.

  • Can be used as an expansion joint for compensating the thermal elongation of the pipes
  • Joining all kind of pipe materials is possible, e.g., for steel, plastic, cast iron, etc.
  • Weight saving: 70% less weight compared to flange connections.
  • No welding
  • Time saving

  • Wastewater lines
  • Drinking water lines
  • Compressed air lines
  • Transporting lines for solid, fluid or gaseous media
  • Joining lines in ship building applications


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