Long-lasting automatic re-tensioning effect

The TORRO® WF clamp is fitted with a wave spring which automatically re-tensions to ensure optimal radial clamping force. The TORRO® WF is the ideal choice for applications under extreme temperature changes (e.g. charged air), under extremely low temperatures or for the retention of hoses with a tendency of “creeping”/ hose relaxation.

  • W3
  • W4

  • W3
  • W4

  • Long-lasting automatic re-tensioning effect in the event of hose relaxation
  • Increased sealing reliability across a wide temperature range
  • Clamping ranges in acc. with DIN 3017: 8-12 mm to 140-160 mm
  • Larger diameters available on request

  • Joining cooling water lines
  • Depressurized and pressurized fuel lines and ventilation systems
  • Oil lines
  • Joining lines in sanitary applications
  • Joining lines in machine building applications
  • Lines in the household appliance industry


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