SQ Retaining Clamps

For hoses, pipes and cables

The fixation clamps SQ are compliant with the standard DIN 3016. The standard form is the form D1. The bands are reinforced at the level of the pass-through openings for the screws and fitted with a rubber profile. The fixation clamps are available in the steel grades W1(galvanized steel)and W4(stainless steel). Other forms and other materials are available on request. Materials DIN 3016: W1=Galvanized steel W3=Chromated steel 1.4016/SS2320/AISI430 W4=Stainless steel 1.4301/SS2333/AISI304 W5=Stainless steel 1.4571/SS2343/AISI316 The fixation clamps are principally used for maintaining hoses,pipes and cables in position. The rubber profile prevents the transmission of vibrations and avoids the risks of causing damage to the cables. It is also used for insulation purposes. The clamp is used in the automotive industry,the manufacture of machines,hydraulic and pneumatic applications,the processing industry,shipbuilding industry and refrigeration industry.

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