NORMA Group equips electric SUV of Indian car manufacturer with cooling water lines

  • NORMA Group supports the transformation of the automotive industry with innovative and lightweight thermal management solutions
  • NORMA Group to equip around 700,000 vehicles until 2030
  • The customer’s electric SUV product portfolio answers to the growing demand for robust electric passenger vehicles in India
Maintal, Germany/Pune, India, February 28. 2024 –
NORMA Group supports an Indian SUV manufacturer on their journey to electric mobility and carbon neutrality. Within the customer’s all-electric SUV fleet, NORMA Group’s cooling systems help to save weight and to improve vehicle efficiency with a tailormade design. From 2024 to 2030, around 700,000 vehicles are to be equipped in the scope of this order.

“Our products and engineering services for the innovative SUV series underline NORMA Group’s contribution to global technology progress,” says Guido Grandi, CEO of NORMA Group. “E-mobility will likely remain the mega trend for the automotive industry for years to come, and we will continue to serve our customers with innovative products and services for all-electric, hybrid, fuel cell or hydrogen vehicles. This collaboration is a good example of our strategy to work closely with OEMs and deliver tailored solutions for their innovations.”

From mid-2024, NORMA Group will deliver cooling water systems for the power electronics system for the customer’s new BEV platform. It comprises four models which are planned to hit the market successively from summer 2024 to 2026. India’s car market is the world’s third-largest individual car market. Current trends include electrification and increasing market share of SUV models. The customer’s home-designed electric SUV product portfolio answers to the growing demand for robust electric passenger vehicles in India.

NORMA Group will manufacture the cooling water lines at its plant in Pune, Maharashtra, and deliver directly to the customer’s plant also based in Maharashtra. NORMA Group’s line systems are used for the thermal management of the power electronics system. They help to ensure the optimal operating temperatures of the vehicle. Thermal management is an essential aspect of energy management in electric vehicles and helps to optimize battery performance and extend battery life.

“At NORMA Group, we strive to support our customers in building the electric future of mobility. As thermal management systems in e-cars become more complex, weight requirements and pressure loss mitigation represent major challenges. Together with our customers, we meet these challenges offering dedicated product design and material validation expertise as well as in-house testing capacities,” says Michael Eisner, Vice President Business Development for NORMA Group’s business unit Mobility & New Energy in APAC.

As a technology leader, the company works closely with customers and partners in the automotive industry to support and drive transformation and enable the development of vehicles that are even lighter and more efficient. Together with the customer’s engineering team, NORMA Group’s product development engineers have designed a solution using plastic lines for the cooling system instead of rubber hoses. The switch in material and design choice allows for a significant weight reduction of the cooling water system of approximately 20 to 25 percent.


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